CC Global: Covid-19 – Peak Waste Disposal

My country’s semi-shutdown caused a national cleanup operation, one could almost call it a rage. Folks are cleaning up their houses, garages, sheds, gardens and whatever. Throughout the country, loaded car-trailer combinations keep on lining up for the local recycling and waste transfer stations.

Also, trucks carrying an empty or full open top waste container just keep on trucking like there’s no tomorrow.

volvo fh tridem - hook lift

The 2017 Volvo FH in motion above has a hook-lift system to put such containers on and off the truck. Don’t ask me what’s underneath the tarp, it can’t be very heavy though: the Volvo’s steering pusher axle is down, but the tag axle is still up.

full trailer for open top container

With 510 DIN-hp, it’s a powerful truck. Plenty of horses available to tow a full trailer like this one, for carrying another container.

scania g450 brick hauler - 1

Earlier last week, and rather early in the morning too, I noticed the distinctive sound of a working, diesel powered roll loader crane. A full-sizer, blocking the street, was delivering a few pallets of bricks at my neighbor’s place. Getting rid of stuff and renovation jobs often go hand in hand…

The tractor is a Scania G450 of the previous generation. This big rig is a typical brick hauler, I posted a whole collection of them right here.

scania g450 brick hauler - 2

Oh look, this picture -a view from above- is even worse! All reflections in the bright morning sun, just consider it as an abstract piece of work and we’re good. The truck driver & crane operator, wearing an orange safety jacket, can be seen in the background (at roof height).

gardener's mb sprinter

Meanwhile, many professional gardeners are fully booked up till at least August (this is a 2019 picture, by the way). On a related note, a horticulturist told me he got the best auction prices ever for his flowers. Thank goodness, it’s not all doom-talk. Keep your feet on the ground and your head up!

Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got a trailer to fill.