Industrial Walk – And Bonus 1971 Galaxie

Well, here we go.  It’s the time of year when all the D family vehicles get sprayed with Krown oil to stave off the rust monster for another salty winter.  I used to work quite close to this location, but since my employer saw fit to sell the building during the pandemic I had to drive over and wait while they applied it.  This shop is in a light industrial area with lots of automotive businesses so let’s leave the Caravan and take a walk while we’re waiting:


Just around the corner here’s our first CC, a 1967 Camaro SS.  Interesting wheels on this one, they look like the usual 15″ GM slotted steel wheels but are aftermarket 20″ or something.


1968 (edit – it’s a 1967) Chevrolet flatbed with dual wheels possibly getting some transmission work done at this shop


Mid 80’s Suburban across the street.  Not in front of a repair shop so still a daily driver, amazing how this gigantic vehicle looks normal next to a modern F150.


I was a bit slow on the draw getting a photo of this 1965 Pontiac post sedan.  It’s a narrow track Canadian car, and a bit rough but I was admiring it rumbling by and then thought of my phone camera.


Speaking of disappointments, this top & upholstery shop frequently has freshly painted classics out front awaiting attention.  Just boats today.


This repair shop has been open for a decade, and always has at least a dozen Fox body Mustangs in various states of parting out scattered around the building.  I love Fox Mustangs from the 1980’s, but don’t know how you can make a living parting them out in 2021.  The sign says they service all makes, not sure about you but this is not the vibe I’m looking for in a garage.


Now that’s more like it.  Another nice Mustang and vehicles that look like they could depart under their own power in front of this business.  Mr. Vasko, my high school shop teacher had a Mustang exactly like this in the early 80’s.  He covered the middle strip of each taillight with white hockey tape “so that it wouldn’t look like all the other ones”.  40 years later this is a car that stands out without alterations, I should have gone over and checked the taillights.


Another shop seems to have classics scattered around several buildings.  Here we have a 1976 Nova wearing GM supplied slotted wheels, Jeep CJ-7, 1972-ish Ford F-150 bumpside pickup and mid 1980’s Chevy pickup.  A real mix of stances here, both pickups are lowered and the Nova is probably missing it’s engine.  It could also have big block front springs in it to jack the front up, a high school friend did that with his 72 Nova and although is looked like a drag car it did not enhance the ride or handling.


Oh yeah, saving the best for last.  A genuine 1971 full size two door in metallic green, with faded custom flame job.  I do believe this is a CC first, thank you very much. (I had been hoping it was a 1972 LTD like in Paul’s article here, but he caught my error before we went to press).


Can you imagine what this looked like in it’s full glory?  Perhaps with some chrome wire rims to go with those whitewall tires?  

I couldn’t get a good shot of the green vinyl interior, but here’s a wonderful detail to end this off.  I sure hope that lights up when the headlights are on.  Outstanding!

I returned from my walk just as the keys were brought to the office, so that was a fun way to spend an hour.  Thanks for coming along.