Last Minute Nashville CC Meet-Up Details (Updated Friday Morning)

Lane motor museum


(Update form somewhere over Nevada:)  My phone decided it wasn’t ready to get up and travel with me at 4:15 this morning, so I won’t be able to be reached via text or phone until it arrives via Fed Ex tomorrow. You’ll find us at the Frist tonight and at the Lane in the morning. And hopefully, it will arrive at the museum early enough tomorrow to get some pictures there.

I’ve heard back from Rex Bennett at the Lane Motor Museum, and we’re all squared away to get the royal treatment, meaning access to the basement as well as the locked Nissan Corporate Collection. Here’s the schedule:

We’re going to go to the Frist Center For The Visual Arts for the Italian car exhibit on Friday evening. Let’s plan to hang out at/near the entrance at say 6:30, and make a group of it. If you’re late, you’ll know where to find us, although the Early Soviet Photography and Film exhibit looks interesting too. The Frist is open until 9 PM on Friday.

On Saturday, we’ll start congregating at the entrance to the Lane Motor Museum about 9:45, to get a good start on a very full day there, after its 10AM opening. Save your tickets from the Frist, as that gives you 50% off at the Lane. We’re going to also buy tickets for the basement tour, which starts at 11:30.  After that’s done, we’ll go somewhere nearby for lunch, and then head back for Part 2. Rex Bennett, a CC fan, is going to take us through the Nissan Collection, which is not open to the public. The remaining time we’ll want to spend on the main exhibit floor, which has some 150 cars.

After we’ve exhausted ourselves, we’re going to head to a location as of yet not decided, for food and socializing. We’re going to want to go somewhere that’s going to be ok with us hanging around for a while, and preferably with outdoor seating, or someplace not too noisy, as my severe tinnitus simply can’t deal with loud spaces anymore (sorry).

Sunday? If anyone is still around and has any ideas, we can discuss them Saturday night. I have no idea how many there will be; one reader (Scott) just told me he was leaving Maine to make the drive!  Maybe a dozen, maybe more. We’ll see…

And once again, if you just can’t find us, my number is 541-556-5789