Lucid Dream II (And Mopar Week Postscript): If the Hat Fits…

300 hat

I don’t typically wear hats, and I’m about as Western as clam chowder, so of course I wear my cowboy hat to car shows. If I’m going to dream of being the unlikely owner of a Peugeot, a Packard, or a Pinzgauer, why not be someone else entirely? I don’t think I found this 1959 Chrysler 300E, so much as it found the sort of dude who’d look right behind the wheel. Not easy to do in Massachusetts in 2013! Now, to find a companion for my ol’ Car Buddy Zach, who brought a topper of his own to find its mate.

Here he is studying the migratory habits of a flightless desert bird, Latin Acceleratii Incredibilus. Maybe a little too fast and furious for a fedora’d fortysomething.

old man and bird

Now this is a little warmer. Trim, pale and quirky, with just enough vim and vigor to carry off a jaunty stripe on top.

z and stripe

Wait, no, look over there!

dog dish chic

A match made in Hamtramck! Settle in behind the wheel, brother, find 52 mph in the left lane, put that blinker on and leave it there. You’re even both wearing comparably inapt shoes. Get done up in black socks and brown sandals, and make it a date at Pep Boys for the cheapest whitewalls in stock.

Now that our tale has its happy ending, here are some parting looks from that dollfaced 300E.

01 300e nose


02 59 300 profile


03 300e tall