Mopar Mania Finale: Which One Will Be Your True Pentastar Love?

Chrysler 1965 NY coupe

So we’ve spent all week showing you Chryslers of all kinds, to drool over as well as to hate on. Obviously, there’s a lot that was left behind, but unless we’re going to turn the site into Chrysler Classics, that’s the reality. So now it’s time to profess your true Mopar Love; which will grace your driveway tomorrow? And to keep it interesting, let’s try not to avoid the obvious 1955-1957 300, which everyone would gladly have.

I have multiple personality disorder, so I’m going to go for three (you can too, if you’ve been medically certified). For my refined, elegant and rectiti-dude self, I’ll take a ’65 New Yorker coupe.

Plymouth 1968 Barracude formula S

For my speed-loving, reckless-maniac self, I’ll have a 1968 Barracuda Formula S 340. It was the best handling pony car, or more like the best handling American car of the times (Corvette and Corvair excepted), and the brand new 340 would hit an honest 6000 rpm and eat all sorts of big-block machinery for breakfast.

1960 Plymouth Station Wagon

And for my hipster self, it has to be this 1960 Plymouth two-door wagon, with at least this much patina, and the slant six under the hood, warmed up a bit of course, and a corresponding exhaust to let folks know what they’re dealing with!

Your turn: