My First Curbside Classic. And My Last One

It wouldn’t be quite right for me to talk about road trips with an old girlfriend without mentioning Stephanie, whose birthday it is today. This isn’t facebook (which I don’t do), but then this isn’t only just about her. It’s also the oldest shot I have of a curbside classic, as I never deliberately shot cars back in the film days, saving that precious commodity for loved ones (I have mountains of family photos). Now I do wish I’d taken some street side scenes too.

We used to see this 1951 Mercury parked a few blocks away from our house on 12th Street in Santa Monica, and on our regular walks to the beach or downtown; this was in 1978 or 1979. We’d pass and ogle it, as we both loved it. So one day I finally told Stephanie to stand next to it and save it for posterity. And here it is, and I’m sharing my first CC with you. Sorry; I’m not sharing my “last CC” though. 🙂

Stephanie is currently staying with her mom in Iowa while her mom recuperates from a medical issue (she’s doing fine). And I know she reads CC every day, so: Happy Birthday!! and here’s to many, many more!