One Cylinder With 20,175 Cubic Inches (330 L) = 4100 Ft. Lbs. Torque And 125 Hp @ 160 RPM

I was looking for a video of a 1896 Benz motorcar, to go along with Bryce’s pictures of one at the Cohort. That led me to this monster, which has temporarily usurped the little Benz. It’s a 1903 De La Vergne Engine Works industrial engine, with a 26 inch bore and 38 inch stroke, which adds up to the number in the headline. At full 160 rpm chat, it applies 4100 ft. lbs of torque against whatever tries unsuccessfully to stop its mammoth flywheel. Pay not attention to the video graphic that says it’s running at 52 rpm in the video; he forgot that it’s a four cycle engine, so it’s actually running at 104 rpm, but sadly with no load. If you’ve ever heard one of these big motors actually working hard at full speed, it you won’t forget it soon. Oh, and here’s the pictures of the Benz:

Bryce had this to say about the Benz one-cylinder running: Heard a 1896 Benz running and revved up; my tired little Briggs and Stratton sounds smooth compared (to it) and (it has) less smoke.

It had already been ten years since Karl Benz built his first motorcar, so this has the benefits of many refinements, no doubt. And just for comparison, I did find a video of a reproduction of his 1886 motortrike being fired up: