Our New Server Is Up and Running, In Test Mode For Now – And a Solution For a Common Initial Log-In Issue

Having personally experience a couple of 503 Time Outs today, I thought you should know that our new server has been ordered, and David Saunders is deep into the migration of all the many large files to the new server. I just gave it a test run, and it’s all mostly there, but not fully updated. It will hopefully be ready to go live in a few days or less.

It’s quite common for those registering with CC for the first time to not be able to log-in, or never get the email with the necessary info. That may be tied to our email issue. In any case, here’s a simple work-around:

Trouble getting an initial Log In after registering for the first time at CC? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem, and here’s the fix;  Try to Log In, but pretend you forgot your password, and ask for a new password to be sent to you via email. Use that to Log In, and if that works fine (it always does) you can always change your password to your preferred one.