Patina Week Classic: 1950 Chevrolet Sedan – A Route 66 Icon


In honor of Patina Week, I thought I’d show more photos of a car I featured in my Cars of Route 66 post a couple of  weeks ago: here’s a ’50 Chevy sedan, parked permanently at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri.


This one’s rusting from the top down. Is this normal in Missouri? Perhaps this Chevy is a transplant–and it looks like green might not have been this car’s original color.


Because all of the windows are open, even the interior has built up a patina, right down to the horn button. And just look at that seat! I’d be very surprised if this car can still move under its own power. But if it can, that seat would certainly make this the most uncomfortable car you’ve ever driven. And check out the stenciling on the glove box – it makes me think this car has seen some kind of official duty. That might explain the green paint.


This Chevy is parked over the grease pit of what was once a Standard service station. That grease pit doesn’t appear to drain after it rains. The mosquitoes have got to be thick here in summer!


Here’s a wide shot of the Chevy next to the former service station building which, like the entire motel site, was recently restored. Let’s hope the Chevy never gets the same treatment.