Paul’s Update From the Hinterlands

Paul and the brigade are making a grand time of it on their –roadtrip. We were briefly in contact this morning when they were momentarily in a town with cellular service: We’re having a superb trip. Only had to be pulled out of one water crossing. Got some good video of me trying to cross. It’s just really good to be way out in the most remote boonies for a while. The outdoors has been my therapy since forever. I get up early and take a little hike before the rest of the gang is up and about.

Here are some pics from Paul and Ed. Captions only as given, so as not to spoil any forthcoming stories.

“Our campsite last night” —Paul


“First recovery of the trip just now, as the Scion very nearly cleared this water crossing.
Josh Hartung is very excited to use his winch, so this isn’t actually a bad thing.” —Ed


“Four Toyotas and one Jeep” —Paul