Portland CC Meet-Up Details

I know this is a bit last minute, but maybe a few of you in the area will show up. Here’s the final itinerary:

PDXMike and I will hang out at the entry lobby of the Portland Art Museum for the Shape of Speed exhibit between 1:30 and 1;45 pm next Saturday (7/28).

Afterwards, we’ll make our way to McMenamin’s Courtyard Restaurant at Kennedy School, to one of the many outdoor tables. If you’re not coming to the museum and want to meet us here, we should be there by around 5 or so.

I’m going to spend my first night out in my van in Mike’s driveway. On Sunday, we’re going to head to PIR for the Vintage Races. Rather than pick a time, if you’re going to come to that and want to find us, maybe best to just text me @ 541-5five6-57eight9.  That also applies to the other venues.

I look forward to seeing you if you can make it.