QOTD: What Would Have Been Your Oldest Daily Driver?



If only gas was still $1.25 a gallon…

My car, along with my unintentionally retro chic wardrobe and home decor, would be gladly stuck in the 1970’s.

As for my daily driver, I would have kept an old 74′ Chevy C10 pickup that I endearingly named, “Morning Sunshine”.


She made more than her share of appearances at the nearby movie shoots due to the fact that “Sunshine” still looked like a period piece. In fact, I nearly made as much money shucking her along with an old 1983 Mercedes 300D to movie shoots. The old Benzes are still as common as kudzu here in the South, but old trucks are not nearly as common as you would think.

It was sad to have sold her, but with 1974 levels of safety and fuel consumption…  it was better to have given her a weekend treat than a daily drive,


Like most Curbside Classics of enduring character, Morning Sunshine did not look showroom new. An unfashionable paint job coupled with an Indian blanket seat cover made her look more like a workhorse of that time than a showhorse of our time.


I enjoyed riding around the winding one lane roads of North Georgia. But then there was that 350 V8 which made the truck average around 12 mpg on a good day. It could haul over 5000 pounds with the heavy duty rear end, which was nice compensation for the fact that it didn’t come with air conditioning.

In my work buying and selling cars, it would not have been a big deal to have come to the auctions with a little bit of perspiration as I pulled up to the parking lot in the truck. By the time I walked around the sake lot and inspected the vehicles I planned to buy, I would already have built up the sweat that I would likely get with driving around in an old truck.


Would the novelty of driving a truck get to be a bit old? Probably. If I had been serious about keeping it, I would have spruced up the interior a bit and invested in an aftermarket A/C system along with an upgraded brake assembly. The fantasy of an old daily driver has come and gone with the brutality that I now experience at the gas pump. My $35 a week gas habit would easily hit over $150 if I kept Morning Sunshine.

So what about you? If we could dial back those gas prices to the gas guzzling party that was 1999, what old car would be your daily driver? Would you be comfortable in a 1970’s vehicle that offers 1970’s safety standards?

Could you dial back the clock a bit further? Or does the modern world simply have more appeal to you?