Car Show Classic- A California Author Reports From Canton, South Dakota


This weekend, I flew out to visit family in beautiful South Dakota, and on Sunday afternoon Dad and I attended the yearly Canton (SD) Car Show. Walking through the entrance, the patina on this 1963 wagon told me I needed to grab a camera and start shooting.


The show included plenty of traditional car show fodder (Mustangs, Chevelles, Dart GTs), but also plenty of off-beat rides, including this AMC Spirit with small block Chevy power.


The bodywork on 1961 Chevy Nomad was impeccable! Most folks walking by probably thought this represented Chevrolet’s top of the line wagon that year, but we Curbside Classic readers know better- The 1961 line did NOT offer a 2-door Nomad wagon. Looking at this home built “phantom,” perhaps they should have.


They built this Buick Super well before my time, but based on it’s striking stance, I’m thinking I could use one.


Here are two Packards from the days before Dave. I’m seen pictures of my Grandpa’s 1948 Packard, but I find these two models from the mid-fifties much cooler.


Just for Chrysler week:

Plymouth Fury! Two door! American Mags! No rust! Sign me UP!


I had to travel from California to South Dakota just to find one James Dean Mercury with an unmolested body. You gotta love those suicide rear doors.


Here’s the last of the fifties model cars I photographed. A Starliner coupe with fender skirts? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts on this subject. I’m very curious to hear what the CC faithful have to say…


There were several other Chryslers at the show. This is one of the last 300 letter cars, a near perfect 1964 300 K.


Followed by this mid seventies New Yorker. It’s complete, but not exactly near perfect.


Something may be wrong with me, but this is my favorite Chrysler from the show. That intake manifold peeking out of the engine bay tells me the weakest link in this car (lean burn technology) has been replaced with fuel injected goodness. That makes this T-Top Dodge Magnum disco perfection!


Hmmm… This is the second 1974 Nova Spirit of America I’ve photographed this month. I checked this one over carefully, and based on the red carpet, along with the correct door trim and horn pad insert, I declare this SOA the real deal!


This 455 Buick Centurion may be very broughamy, but does it with so much style grace I offer it my unconditional love.


Look, a genuine Subaru SVX! I did not expect to see one of these at the Canton Car Show.


In closing, here is a Studebaker Avanti we encountered in a Canton parking lot. The round headlight surrounds and Studebaker badges identify this as the genuine article, rather than the later Avanti II.

That’s all I have- Thanks for viewing my tour of the Canton Car Show!