QOTD: Which Cars Look Best In White?


It’s been said white cars retain their value better, and reports show the color becoming more popular among new car buyers, with our own Paul Niedermeyer having recently bought a spiffy white wagon himself.  If you read the comments on these pages, or in any other car enthusiast forum, however, it would appear people don’t care for the color; in fact, many of them list it as their least favorite.

Certainly, a car’s styling has a lot to do with which colors suit it best.  While white is rarely my first choice, I think it looks very good where a car’s styling sports straight lines and a long, lean look.  More round, curvy cars, without contrasting trim or large glass areas to break up the monotony, do not look as good in lighter colors.  That is why cars like this Subaru, with its pseudo-hardtop styling and low belt line, look so good.


So what say you?  Is white always a bad color?  Is it anyone’s favorite color?  Does it look good only on certain shapes?  Is it ever the best choice for a car?  Inquiring minds want to know.