Road Trip Outtake: There Are A Few CCs in Joshua Tree NP

We came mainly for the natural scenery and hiking at Joshua Tree National Park, but we both love to look at the historical record of human activity in places like this too. So when we read about the Keys Desert Queen Ranch, and that small guided tours were available, we got up early one morning to make sure we got a ticket. It was well worth it, and in addition to the ranch buildings, machinery, collected junk parts, the gold ore stamping machine and other artifacts, there were these two old Mopars sitting out a ways off. They weren’t the only vehicles on the place, but I’ll do a more detailed post on the ranch later.

The green sedan is a 1939 Plymouth and this fine long-tailed business coupe is a 1941 Dodge. Both were missing their engines, which may well have been re-purposed for other needs on the remote desert outpost.

The Dodge is no less than a Luxury Liner.  Needless to say, rust is ot a problem here, except for the most superficial kind.