Roadside Outtake: The Ultimate Car Indeed

Stearns the Ultimate Car Porsche 991 Turbo

I was in Boise, Idaho recently and while walking around the very inviting downtown area came across this parking lot with a wonderful juxtaposition of advertisement vs actual car.  I was not familiar with Stearns before this but apparently Stearns was a manufacturer of expensive luxury and performance cars starting in the late 19th century.  Eventually it would be folded into the Willys-Overland company and run as a separate entity until it was liquidated in 1929.

The 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo (991 series) parked in front of the sign certainly embodies the values of luxury and performance as well, if nothing else it’s more likely than not one of the most daily-usable extremely high performance cars on the road today.