CC Outtake: The Beige Unicorn Camry

CC 290 032 1200

Is this the ultimate oxymoron? A unicorn Camry, and beige, no less. But here it is, as found in the parking lot behind South High School, home of the Axemen. Now that name has become rather outdated, especially given the tree-hugging tendencies of South Eugene. Would any self-respecting Axeman from the early 1960s have painted unicorns on his 1950 Ford hot rod?

CC 290 033 1200

Well, I don’t know that it’s a guy’s car. But ever since the time we caught a flight from Baltimore back to Eugene just as the sixth annual BronyCon (My Little Pony Convention) had wrapped up, and we shared the gate lounge and airplane with a number of adult male bronies with their get-ups and new toys, I’ve had to widen my understanding of what people do for hobbies.

CC 290 035 1200

Is there anything in here that suggests guy or girl driver?

CC 290 037 1200

Well, I don’t blame them for wanting to make the beige 2001 Camry look a wee bit less anonymous. Which they are.

CC 290 034 1200

White dragon on one side; black on the other. Just no My Little Ponys, fortunately.