Seasonal Outtake: Pumpkin Hauler

IH Halloween truck 2 1200

This old International truck from the forties isn’t a static display truck at the entrance to this farm; it actually hauled the pumpkins from the field, and I’ve seen (and shot) it in several locations around this farm. But there’s no question that its patina has an autumnal cast to it, and it certainly makes for a noticeable and welcoming “sign”.

CC 206 049 1200

Here’s a shot of the cab I took last summer. Note the key in the ignition, as well as the plywood “window”. Reminds me of my truck, in more ways than one.

IH Halloween truck 1 1200

I can just hear the smooth purr of its six cylinder engine and the whine of its transmission as it bounces through the field in low gear, something it’s probably been doing for some 65 years or so. At the rate it’s aging, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s still hauling pumpkins here when it turns 100.