Top 15 Cars Owners Keep For At Least 15 Years

I stumbled into this on Twitter, and it caught my eye, as I’ve never seen anything comparable. Given that I have kept several new cars for right about 15 years (’85 Cherokee, ’92 Caravan, ’00 Forester, and my ’05 xB is almost there), it is interesting to see what new cars others chose to keep for the long haul. The choices don’t exactly surprise me, for obvious reasons. Not one American brand on the list. Is that a reflection of the cars or the owners?

I’d say both; the question being how much weight to give to each. Clearly the kind of folks who are more practical, self-controlled and financially conservative are of course likely to reach for the brands that have a long-established reputation for durability and reliability, whereas American brands seem to attract buyers who might more likely be impulsive and less happy to ride in the same car for 15 years or more.

In any case, the list is interesting because these are precisely the kind of cars that are very predominant in my part of the world, and helps explain why there’s so many older cars around. In fact, 15 years might be on the low side for same-car ownership in Eugene.

So have you owned a new car for 15 years? Can you see yourself doing so? (Jim Klein and a few other of our COAL writers are exempt from answering).