Vintage Renault Brochure: Ghosts Of Dauphine’s Past

After a brief flurry of interest in the late ’50s, Renault Dauphines are mostly known in the US for giving up the ghost not long after purchase. Though to be fair, they were never meant for US driving conditions in the first place. I’ve only seen one Dauphine in my life, near my workplace in SF back in the ’90s. Had I taken photos, its proper CC would be already done (Sigh…).

Talking about ghosts from the past, these 1960 Dauphine French brochure images have some eerie ghostly qualities. Or so they do to my eyes. Not quite reaching trés bizarre degrees, but not looking quite so trés chic as intended.

Let’s not blame it all on that excentricité francaise, as the ’60s was the decade were pop-art and surrealism reached the mainstream. Still, these shots kind of freak me out a bit.

What could have done the little Dauphine to be haunted by these gals’ souls? Whatever it was it must have been fun, for they all look rather merry. Sorry, I meant to say trés heureuse!