Vintage Brochures: The Tango Sexiness Of The Ford Fairlane In Argentina

At the risk of reinforcing certain cultural clichés, is it me, or isn’t this image from the Argentinian ’69 Fairlane brochure far steamier than those found in the US one?

For comparison, here’s a couple in the ’69 US Ford Fairlane brochure.

The Ford Fairlane was launched in Argentina in ’69, and before we get any further, let’s clear doubts first. As with many alternate-reality South American products, while the Torino nameplate was growing in Ford’s US portfolio, the label could not be used in Argentina. The reason has to do with that other Torino already in production down south; the IKA Torino. So, all Argentinian full-size Fords were known as Fairlanes.

Three versions of the Fairlane were launched in Argentina, the LTD, the 500, and the DeLuxe. Available engines were the 221 6-cyl. with 132 hp, and the 292 V8 with 185 hp. Shifting was achieved by a 3-speed manual at the wheel. The 292 was already well known in Argentina as it served in the F100, and has a detailed CC entry on the matter.

Argentina has a long tradition both in advertising and film, fitting for one of the largest economies in the region. There was no need for US-sourced images for Ford of Argentina, though some choices are a bit odd. Then again, it was the late ’60s, and a curious mix of formality and laidback sixties spirit sprinkles through.

As with many South American models, the Fairlane stayed in production in Argentina with minor updates until ceasing production in 1982. Fondly remembered today, the model is associated with luxury and sophistication. And probably a few tango escapades as well.


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