Vintage Classified Ads, Toyota Ads and PS from the January 1975 Road and Track


We’ve been gleaning reviews from the January 1975 R&T, but how about a quick look at a couple of other tidbits, starting with this PS. Too bad it’s not an El Dorado trailer (actually, El Dorado only made motorhomes). And this has become one now. 



There’s some bargains to be had, but just make sure you multiply these numbers by about 5 in order to adjust them to today’s dollar value.




And here’s a couple of Toyota ads. Their slick new five speed was a genuine game changer in the industry; there just hadn’t been anything like it before in the popular price classes.


And it was used in their trucks as well as their cars. It’s where the SR5 designation comes from. Dave Skinner did a great post here on the impact of the Toyota five speed.