Vintage Photo & Video: 1940 Checker Model A Landaulet – Open Top, Bizarre Front End

Having taken a good look at the Junkyard Checker Marathon, let’s step back a few more decades and check out the Model A, which arrived in 1939. It was available in two body styles; the sedan and this landaulet. Yes, once upon a time it was considered classy to ride in a semi-open taxi on the crowded and exhaust-filled streets of New York.

The Model A may look fairly conventional in side view, but the front end was truly bizarre. The odd cut of the front fender is a hint at what is to come.

Looks like some odd custom some kids cooked up in their shop. It doesn’t look quite as odd as it does seeing it in traffic, and there’s a number of them in this film:

It’s from the 1940s, and colorized. In addition to the odd Checker Model A’s (not as many as you might expect), the perfectly smooth pavement caught my eye. It looks like a billiard table top, even the color.

I’ve seen several pictures of these landaulets with canopies, which undoubtedly makes sense in the heat of a summer day. The landaulet model did not reappear in the Model A2 that replaced it in 1947.


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