Vintage Photo: Swedish Saab-Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Dealer

Well, Mercedeses were handled by Studebaker dealerships in the U.S. for awhile, so why not this in Sweden! Closest to us is a ’61 Lancer, then a ’60 Valiant, then a ’62 Valiant. They’re all de luxe models; the Lancer a 770 and the Valiants V-200. Don’t know just what we’re expecting the driver to be able to see in those small wing mirrors way up at the front there on the ’61 and ’60, but I guess it’s at least marginally more than can be seen in the nonexistent mirrors of the ’62. That aside, which to pick? Aw, hell; I’ll take all three!

Update: I’ve just learnt there’s a bigger connection here: Saab built the Valiant-Lancer-Dart cars for the Swedish market from CKD kits!