CC Capsule: Hudson Hornet Convertible – The Mae West of Cars, In Psychedelic And Straight Versions

(first posted 8/15/2012)    Maybe I should start a new series: Psychedelic Outtakes. This is about the fourth or fifth time my camera has suddenly flipped out on me, but at least it picked a good subject this time. This Hudson Hornet convertible is pretty far out, man, even in unaltered vision. Dig this, but then get ready to crash, and see it in the stark sunlight of reality.

This mildly-customized Hornet is a pretty regular customer at this shop; last fall we took a look at its engine’s innards. But this time, let’s take in some of its gaudy exterior and interior details. The step-down Hudson (full CC here) tends to remembered mostly in its fastback sedan form, which makes the convertible “feel” very different then the sedans. One of the more memorable butts in autodom.

Me thinks Hudson was trying a bit too hard to compensate in the ends of its aging body, that was pretty seriously out of date by 1953 or so. Reminds me of Mae West, in her later years. Is this the Mae West of cars; seductive despite being out of date?

Rhinestones; or the reflective equivalent. How’d you like something like that on the back of your Subaru?

Which end has more chrome, by raw material? And, no, that’s not a “stock” paint scheme, along with the wheels and a few other details.

Now that’s a sight. I can imagine a few reflections driving this with the top down. Ray Bans to the rescue.

Dual-Range Hydra-matic. Yes, that does rather fit the character of this big boat more than a manual. The lack of a Park pawl is a bit disconcerting. When’s the last time you used the parking brake in an automatic?

For those that missed it last time, or can’t ever get enough of a big (308 cubic inch) flathead six, here’s it is, minus one of its air cleaners. It was in for some new motor mounts. Can’t likely order those from J.C. Whintney.

Uh oh; something mighty boxy seems to entering the Hornet’s rear end. I’m Sure Mae would approve.