Vintage Snapshot: The Lowrider Corvair and Its Tall Friends

I’m feeling another wave of Corvair love coming on; like in a Corvair Fest or such. We have so many fab articles on it in our archives, and I still have a few new things to add. Hopefully soon. This vintage snapshot really brings home a key point about the Corvair: it was shockingly low. How low? Take a guess.

Ok; it was 51.3″ in height. Which is exactly 3/4″ taller than a Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ sports coupe. And yet it didn’t feel cramped inside, due to the flat, low floor. And at 6″ (according to one source), ground clearance wasn’t exactly overly generous. What it did do is clearly mark the Corvair for the role it quickly came to fill: a sporty little car, and not a tall and boxy economy car, like the Ford Falcon.