Welcome To The “Jason’s Family Chronicles” Festivities

Wedding picture

Grandpa “Albert”, me, and Grandma “Iris”, July 1998


After our recent Peugeot fest, it’s time for another festive occasion.

When I came to CC over four years ago, a few of my early articles revolved around events on the maternal side of my family.  After a conversation with Paul in Nashville, I have pulled out some of my favorites, shined them up, and have them ready for this week.  There are a lot of readers who weren’t here four years ago and so much of the CC archive is timeless.

Enhancing and expanding articles about my maternal grandparent’s “Iris” and “Albert” seemed the most natural as I mentioned them recently in the article about driving my old Ford to Nashville.  For what you will be seeing the next five days, it’s not the car so much as it is the story that revolves around the car – or what happened inside the car that has prompted a greater understanding of, and different perspective upon, the world.

I have selected five articles from well over three years ago, plus have a new one prepared for Friday.  All of the events you will be reading about are true.  The only creative liberty I have taken is the car used in a road trip Grandpa Albert took back in the 1950s – and at this point, who cares if the car is correct!

Frankly, I have had concerns in the past about the presentation of my grandparents being misinterpreted.  I’m past that; these are two people who have a tremendous amount of life experience and who simply seek to pass along what they have learned for the benefit of others and who do so in their own, unique way.  Isn’t that the natural order of things?

We’re covering the gamut this week – from Cut and Shoot, Texas to bad food to inappropriate use of seat belts to World War II era Europe and fishing trips gone awry, there is a lot of ground to be covered.