Console Classics: Docubyte’s ‘Guide To Computing’


Rlplaut’s COAL series has been a superbly engaging read. Amongst the cars and partners, there’s been much about his career in computer programming. Until his stories, I have had little interest in this subject but a recent article in The Guardian has also opened my eyes to the beauty of early computing. Maybe I’m hijacking the CC code of subject matter with this piece, but at least this cover model – the Pilot ACE from a design by Alan Turing – has four wheels.


These images are the work of photographer James Ball who practices under the name Docubyte, and the series is called ‘Guide to Computing’. James located a number of archaic computers in various collections around the UK and photographed them. The photos were then retouched by his colleagues at INK to look like new, eliminating all signs of age and disrepair.


This one’s my favourite – the CDC 6600 designed by Seymour Cray in all its ‘2001: A Space Odyssey-like’ glory. There may be some wondering at the point of this exercise, but consider this. Some of these computers were built as industrial equipment, and would never have had a glossy brochure or been subject to high-quality photography when they were new, so James has allowed these fascinating units to be seen afresh.


Docubyte is selling copies of these images, just click on the link below for more info.

Beautiful and inspiring stuff.

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