The CC Vintage R&T Library Is Now Fully Stocked Back To January 1966, Thanks To Lee J. – Let’s Start With A Few Ads

Lee J. has sent me the last shipment of his R&T collection, going back to January 1966, and ending in 1991. He sent the first batch a couple of years ago, and I’ve been struggling to get through them, which will take quite some time. This is really a remarkable and generous gift, as I always held R&T in high esteem for the greater objectivity of its road tests. I actually started a binder collection of their stats page in middle school, so I could have a handy reference in case of debates about 0-60 times and such. This fulfills that desire to a vastly higher level, and I’m most appreciative.

I’m going to be scanning several decades at one time, as I don’t want to get lost in just one. And for the oldest, we’ll start with this January 1966 issue, which has the Mustang by Bertone on the cover, and road tests of the new Toronado and the VW 1600 fastback. We’ll get to those very shortly; in the meantime, here’s a few random ads and the classified ads, in case you want to call and see if that Ferrari California swb for $6,000 is still for sale.

A rather modest way to introduce the all-new 911 in the US. Would anyone have imagined what a long life that model name would have?

I had totally forgotten that there was such a thing as the SAAB Special, a 96 with the hot Monte Carlo 850 engine (two stroke triple).

The “new” Cortina. A very rare find now.

The Triumph 2000.  A senior at my high school drove a black one to school every day, so it was a familiar sight to me.


And the classified ads. Multiply the asking prices by 8.1 to get at an adjusted amount. That Ferrari California will set you back a whopping $48k, if it’s still available. Let us know…

Thanks again Lee!