Road & Track 1975 Buyer’s Guide – Imports and Domestic Compacts

Among the treasure trove of hundreds of vintage R&T magazines a CC reader sent me about a year ago or so is this Buyer’s Guide from 1975. I’m going to start off with it, and then we’ll do one of the many actual reviews in it each day. Please note: in the this Guide, a number of the imports may actually be 1974 models, as new model year imports often arrived late in the US. Also, only domestic compacts (or smaller) are listed, consistent with R&T’s mission to hate on big, flabby American cars.

The scans are in their rough forms, as there’s way too many for me to crop and level. Click on them to get the full size view. And to arrive at the inflation adjusted prices for 2017, multiply them by 4.63.


So what will it be for you?