Road & Track Vintage Review: Dodge Colt GT 2-Liter – Torqueflite For The Win

(Another one from the R&T 1975 Buyer’s Guide, which are really just reprints from 1974 issues)

There wasn’t a whole lot to distinguish this Dodge Colt (Mitsubishi Galant) from the other Japanese competition, as in Datsun 610 and Toyota Corona. But it had rather unique feature: a US-designed Chrysler Torqueflite automatic, rather than the Borg Warner previously used, and also used by other Japanese and European makers. Did it make a difference? You bet.


R&T was quite impressed by the smoothness and crisp response of the Chrysler unit. And combined with the Colt’s rather nicely-running and performing 94 hp four, the Colt ticked off performance numbers that beat a stick shift Datsun 610’s. And were comparable to American cars of the time. Which made the Colt eminently suitable for US conditions.

Typically for Japanese sedans at the time, handling was not a strong suit. Nor were the brakes. But the interior and accommodations were praised. That all put the Colt at or near the top of its (Japanese) class.