Road & Track Vintage Road Test: 1976 Lamborghini Countach – “Fastest Car We’ve Ever Tested”

(first posted 6/20/2018)    We’re now entering the era when “The Fastest Car(s) In The World” became increasingly common on the covers of R&T, C&D and Motor  Trend. It was the newsstand clickbait of its time. And as we move forward through the years of my huge stack of R&Ts yet to be scanned and uploaded, there’s a concomitant reduction in the testing of ordinary cars. Which explains why I became less and less interested in car magazines as time went on. The lure of cars that could go 200+ mph just didn’t mean a whole lot to me anymore.

But in 1976, the newish Countach was still able to get my juices going. And it did get going. Its projected top speed was 192 mph, @8,000 rpm. R&T didn’t get theirs quite up to that, but they claimed to have seen a brief moment at 7,000rpm, which translates to 163mph. Actually, there’s a discrepancy in the stats, as they show 23.3 mph/1000rpm in 5th gear, but that calculates to 186mph. Oh well, you get the idea. It was really fast, especially for 1976.  Oh, and of course, with an 8,000 rpm power peak, this was not exactly a US certified car; the Countach wouldn’t get blessed by the EPA and NHTSA until 1982 or so, thanks to fuel injection and other modern emission control technology.