R&T Vintage Review: 1977 Datsun 810 – A Four Door 240Z – Under the Skin, That Is

The 810 had pretty iffy styling. Not just the typical mid-70s Nissan weirdness, which actually was toned down by this time. It was its proportions, with a long nose to make room for the inline six grafted on to a sedan body (Nissan Bluebird) clearly designed for a shorter four cylinder front end. In that way it rather emulated the old American cars of yore, with their extended front ends for their straight eights. And the front end styling was just a pastiche of American car leftovers from a few years back. GM’s new ’77 B-Bodies made this look mighty obsolete from day one.

But under the skin, it was the best Datsun sedan yet, including the original 510, which might sound like heresy. But the 510 in stock form was a bit…immature. The 810 was a 510 all grown up.