Vintage 1964 C&D Feature: The Volkswagen 1500 (Type3) Story – Forbidden Fruit in the US for VW Lovers

The VW Type 3 (1500/1600) came out in Europe in 1962, but was not sold in the US, VW’s by far largest and most profitable import market until 1966. Needless to say, a lot of hard-core American VW owners, which by this time numbered in the millions, were a bit miffed. The reasons for that, and a lot of detailed background and technical details of the T3 are covered in the C&D in-depth story from May 1964. There’s also a full road test in this issue, which will be posted separately.

This article is a bit long, as they tended to be back then, but if you you want a detailed look back in time during VW’s ascendancy in the US, there’s a lot of information here, as well as some vintage ads.