Vintage Review: 1970 Dodge NYC Taxi (Plus! How They Make Them Last!)

(Note: the writer obviously transposed “month” to “week” so the weekly mileage, and all the service intervals, undoubtedly should be “per month”, not “per week”. If you make that change every time you see “week”, it starts to make sense. It didn’t until I figured that out. Too bad; because it’s interesting in principle, and it works once that fatal flaw has been compensated for. PN)

As it’s NYC-taxicabs-of-the-1970s day, here’s a vintage print double feature: first, a taxi garage foreman tells all about how he keeps the cabs running, then a magazine personality of the day tries his hand (and other parts) at what “hacking” used to mean. Yes, it’s all here:

Marvel! at spark plugs and breaker points once a week!
Snicker! at a whack on the knuckles of drivers who fiddle with the distributor!
Gawk! at a pile of cooked starters and alternators!
Cringe! at the loutish, predatory behaviour of Joe Gutts as he plays cabbie/stalker/drunk!
Nod! in vigourous agreement at “Don’t Take No Crap From Nobody” !
Click! the magazine cover pictured above to open a PDF in a new tab!