Vintage R&T Analysis (1972): Citroen GS – “‘Remarkable’ Would Be An Understatement”

I’ve started scanning another box of the vintage R&T’s sent to me by CC reader Lee J., these going back further to 1972. I still have a loooong way to go on the more recent ones, but maybe I’ll tackle it from both ends. So we’ll start with the January 1972 issue, which has a new car analysis of the “remarkable” Citroen GS. Well, that word certainly applies, as its efficiency and comfort really were in another league compared to other compact cars at the time. Remember, this is 1970, and those other cars are the rear engine VW 1600, RWD Ford Cortina, Opel Rekord, Fiat 124, and such. Citroen’s CX was still four years off, but the GS clearly showed the direction it would be taking.