Vintage R&T Feature: 1955 Chevrolet Six – Keeping A 12 year Old Chevy With 180k Miles Going

We know that cars aged more rapidly in the good old days, but that’s not to say folks didn’t keep them going. This entertaining but factual article covers the author’s experience after buying a 12 year old ’55 Chevy six for $125 to go to school, and his efforts to keep it going for as little money as possible.

I found it particularly relatable, as my older brother’s best friend had an identical ’55 Chevy six two-door in college; that would have been right about the same time (1967-1968). That one might not have had quite as many miles on it, as the engine was still pretty sound, and the rest of it was all quite solid too. No visible rust either, in Maryland. No wonder the tri-five Chevys became the used car of choice for so many, and for so long, even if they weren’t hot rodded.