Vintage R&T Owner’s Report (1968): 100,507 Miles In An MG 1100

We spend a lot of time discussing what it was really like owning a car back in the day. How about the ownership experience of an MG1100 for over 100k miles? That’s certain;y a car that has a rather iffy reputation for reliability and longevity.

This account by the owner is objective and detailed. And there were plenty of issues, including a broken connecting rod that damaged one of the cylinders. Doesn’t sound very good, but then engine failures were not really uncommon, including on good old American iron (I’ve heard plenty of examples of that here in the comments over the years). And the difference back then was that repairs were seemingly cheaper, and not just adjusted for inflation (It would be interesting to find out just what typical shop rates were then compared to now).

This makes for interesting reading, and the owner/author suggest that he will be keeping it, possibly for another one hundred thousand miles. I suspect that didn’t actually happen, but we’re all optimists.