Vintage R&T Review: 1972 Dino 246 GT – “Ferrari’s Version Of The 6-Cylinder Business Coupe”

The Dino 206246 GTs are of course legends and icons. And now very expensive; the blue one in the pictures below sold in 2019 for $400k. Well, they are junior Ferraris of course, and the first of the line that led to the 308 GT and on into more modern times. But many find the original to be the best, stylistically, that is. And I agree.

As far as the experience of actually driving and testing one, I’ve got little to say, so I’ll let R&T take you through a pretty comprehensive test.

A wee bit of history: at the 1965 Paris Auto Show, Ferrari unveiled the Dino Berlinetta Speciale. It was based on a Dino 206 racing space-frame chassis. The body design was of course by Pininfarina, and the very last one that Battista “Pinin” Farina was involved with before his death.


In 1966, the more definitive Dino 206GT prototype was shown. It still had the longitudinal engine configuration of the racing chassis. That ate up too much space, so the production version, the 1967 206GT had a transverse engine, as well as numerous other stylistic and technical aspects.

The 206GT had a 2 L 60 degree V6, and that was upped to 2.4 liters in 1970, hence the 246 GT/GTS (the GTS had a Targa top).