Vintage R&T Review: 1974 Capri 2800 V6 – “Still Outstanding Among Compact Sporting Cars”

(first posted 2/24/2018)     The Capri, especially with the V6, was a real bright spot on the market in its early days; it was even the number 2 selling import at one time. The V6 gave it sparkling performance in a class where inline fours were pretty much all that was available. The 1974 model got a larger 2.8 version with a bit more power, but that was all just to offset the 245lb weight gain since the 1972, due to 5 mile bumpers and other changes. But that still left it at the top of its class. And of course, with decidedly better performance and handling than the new Mustang II with the same engine. Why Ford didn’t base the Mustang II on the Capri instead of the Pinto is a question that will never be answered for me.