Vintage R&T Review: 1975 Lada 1500 – “…soon to be imported to the US”


Here’s something a bit different. Road and Track drove a Lada 1500 in the UK due to the expectation that it “ the model soon to be imported to the US”. I’d rather forgotten about that, but it sure is something worth pondering about as to how that would have gone down. The driving experience showed that the Lada had some positives along with the negatives.

The steering and suspension were the major flaws, and obviously something got lost in translation from Italian to Russian, as the Fiat 125 and 124 were both widely praised for their competence and fun-to-drive characteristics in this regard. Oh well; must be something to do with the Russian roads, or the Russian shocks, or…

So how do you think this would have unfolded if this Lada had come to the US?