Vintage R&T Review: 1976 Capri II 2.8 V6 – Better In Several Ways

(first posted 3/10/2017)    Ford’s Capri, intended to be a European Mustang, was a huge hit there, essentially recreating the Mustang’s genre-defining impact. And perhaps somewhat surprising, the Capri was very successful as an import sold by Mercury dealers, and was the #2 selling import for a couple of years. Like the original Mustang, it was a lot of (import) car for the money, and its light weight and lithe handling made the most of its mostly four-cylinder engines. Towards the end of its first incarnation, Ford’s 60 degree V6 also became optional, upping performance a considerable notch during a time when that was not a given.

The Capri was re-skinned for 1975 in Europe, and almost a year later, it arrived in the US as an early 1976 model. In addition to its sleeker lines, it now sported a hatchback, which was as seventies as wide ties and lapels. R&T tested two early models, and found it generally improved.

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