Vintage R&T Review: 1976 MG Midget Mark IV – It’s Showing Its Age…”

The MG Midget and its sibling Austin Healey Sprite had once been popular low-end sports cars in the second half of the great sports car boom era (1949-1969), but by 1976, the Midget was really showing its age. Starting from the outside, where its ugly black rubber protrusion of a front bumper marred its once cute visual appeal. And it seemed to be getting smaller as folks were starting to get bigger. And emission controls did it no favor, although borrowing the Triumph Spitfire’s 1.5L engine did help, a bit.

But apparently there was still some driving pleasure to be had, if one could get comfortable behind the wheel, something that had rather eluded me in my one or two attempts.


For a look at the Midget in its better days, here’s my CC on one.