Vintage R&T Review: The (Almost) New Jaguar XJ6 – “A strange and wondrous car”

We’ve never taken a closer look at the XJ6 Series 1 here. I did find an early XJ12 a block from my house, back in 2009 or so, and wrote it up here, but that was mostly about the iffy V12 engine and a bit stilted. Until we find one of these handsome four door coupes (yes, that’s essentially what they are, in the modern usage of that term, given the low sporty roof, very tight interior and notable lack of headroom), we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with Road and Track’s first road test of one. Given that this happened in 1972, it’s a bit late, as it came out two years earlier, but apparently Jaguar wouldn’t supply a test car until then.

I’m augmenting the text and fuzzy B&W photos with a fine ’71 from a BAT auction. It deserves to be enjoyed visually as much as its other qualities.


“A strange and wondrous car”, and the rest of that last paragraph is a very fitting summation of the XJ6.