Vintage C&D Review: 1964 Buick Riviera Road Research Report – The Longest, Most Comprehensive Car Review Ever?

Riviera 1964 CD 001 1200

(first posted 10/7/2015)    I’ve gotten in the spirit of the vintage reviews we’ve been having lately, and my contribution is from the oldest Car and Driver I have, from December 1963. Note that this is not just a “test” or ‘review”, but a “Road Research Report”. And that means quite long and very comprehensive. If you’ve ever wondered what the roll center height  or spring rates of the Riviera were, and in comparison to a few other cars, this will be satisfying. If not, it’s a good read and window into a time when car reviews were a bit different, as were the cars themselves. (click on images for larger size)

Riviera 1964 CD 002 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 003 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 004 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 005 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 006 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 007 1200

Riviera 1964 CD 008 1200


Whew! Still want more? Here’s my very much shorter take on the ’64 Riviera