Vintage Photos: Vandalized and Abandoned Cars, 1950s-80s

New York City, 1970s


While searching in some rather obscure corners of the Web, I found some period photos of vandalized and abandoned cars.  Photos like these are relatively rare and hard to find, as most people did not take pictures of then-common, junky cars.  I don’t think these have been posted on CC before, but even if one or two have, I think they’re worth a second look.  Name of photographer and location given, if known.



What is this strange male urge (Yes, it’s always boys in the pictures doing this)–this urge to destroy?

Have you ever smashed a windshield or set fire to a seat cushion?

“Uh, no.  That was . . . other kids–huh-huh.”

NYC–Spanish Harlem


Bronx, NY




Lenox Avenue, Harlem NYC.


Bushwick, Brooklyn NY after NYC blackout.


Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NYC.

1947 Oldsmobile, NYC expressway, August 1984. Photo by Andy Blair.


Abandoned car being removed from NYC street, 1970s.


2820 N. 10th Street, Philadelphia PA, 7/12/54


Abandoned cars, New Orleans LA.




1959 Dodge,  Rose Quartz and Pearl



Not my car, but looks just like it–a 1959 Chevy Biscayne in Cameo Coral (Date and location unknown).


“Ran when parked.”


Marmon Sixteen!


Abandoned Car Parked on the Snow Near the Forest in Bariloche, Argentina.


Death Valley, California


I just had to include this ad.


The following pictures were taken in Glenview (near Chicago, IL) in the early 1970s by Christopher Brame.  He still has the Plymouth hubcap and the ’61 Mercury speedometer that he saved that day.


This next series of photos were given to Christopher by a junior high school female classmate, who got them from some “weird guy” neighbor of hers.  Again, Chicago/Glenview area:

Destroying a Chrysler 300 for charity:

Car Painting Division:

Jersey boys and their 1955 Chevy.  (Class of ’77)


“Truth in Advertising” or “How NOT to sell a car!”


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