CC Global: Fuel Tankers – Transporting Valuables

Van Kessel - Volvo FM truck and tractor

The truck show I visited the other day was held on the premises of a fuel, oil and lubricant supplier. Naturally, a good number of their own vehicles was also on display. It was all too obvious that the event’s host relies heavily on the Volvo FM-series to distribute the precious loads.

Van Kessel - Volvo FM tractor with LAG semi-trailer - 1

Like this 2018 Volvo FM 4×2 tractor with a 2019 LAG tandem axle semi-trailer. The combination is rated at a gross weight of 40.5 tons (89,287 lbs).

Van Kessel - LAG semi-trailer

Until 1990, the LAG company from Belgium also built buses and coaches. That division was taken over by Van Hool, a renowned name in the business and Belgian based too.

Van Kessel - Volvo FM 8x2 tridem

A Volvo FM straight truck with a tridem axle 8×2 chassis and LAG tanker body. Both the pusher and the tag axle are steering axles.

Van Kessel - LAG tanker body

Capable of towing a full trailer, given the coupling.

Van Kessel - Volvo FM tractor with LAG semi-trailer - 2

Yet another Volvo & LAG couple. You can’t miss the owner’s name, not even from a country mile.

Van Kessel - LAG semi-trailer - capacity 35,000 liters

Let’s see, there are five separate compartments with a grand total capacity of 35,000 liters (or in short: 35 m³). Equal to 9,246 US gallons.

Traxx -in red letters, on the left- is a diesel fuel brand, only supplied to customers with an own fuel station. Like hauling companies, farmers and agricultural contractors.

Van Kessel - DAF CF with tridem axle semi-trailer

A bit of a lost soul, this 2016 DAF CF 440 FT 4×2 tractor, towing a tridem axle tanker semi-trailer.

Van Kessel - Volvo FM tractor with pusher axle - 1

Van Kessel - Volvo FM tractor with pusher axle - 2

Further down the road, a 2012 Volvo FM 6×2/4 tractor unit in the former, slightly different Van Kessel livery.

Iveco S-Way (Bio) LNG - 1

Since the main theme is fuel, parked in front of the Volvo was this 2020 Iveco S-Way tractor. Its 460 hp, 12.9 liter engine is running on LNG (liquefied natural gas). Both in regular and bio form, as stated on the roof’s side. The claimed range is 1,600 km (close enough to 1,000 miles).

Iveco S-Way (Bio) LNG - 2

These days, multiple truck makers offer heavy vehicles with an LNG engine. It won’t be long till BEV trucks and tractors will show up at such events too.