Vintage Ad: 1931 Pierce-Arrow Coal Truck – Not What One Might Imagine From A Top Luxury Brand

Pierce-Arrow, a company we have not done proper justice too here, was arguably America’s premiere luxury car builder in its heyday, the aughts, teens and into the twenties. It was most notable for its giant six cylinder engines, the largest of which displaced 825 cubic inches (13.5 L). No wonder older and used Pierce-Arrows almost invariably were converted to trucks, fire engines and tow trucks; they were built like trucks!

So it was natural for the Buffalo, NY. to also build actual trucks, which they did from 1910-1934. One of these days I’d like to do a deep dive, but it’s not going to be today. But I will share a couple of ads from 1931-1932, with this coal truck representing the upper reaches of the line.

The “speed truck” was a relatively new phenomena in the twenties, as pneumatic tires and more powerful engines vaulted truck speeds from 10-15 mph or so to 25, 30, 35, or even 45 mph, for the truly speedy ones. This one has one of the new eight cylinder engines that replaced the venerable but increasingly obsolete T-head giant sixes in the cars; it appears from the ad that both were still available in the trucks, the big six being ideal for the larger trucks. These new engines were designed during the years that Studebaker had a controlling interest in P-A (1928-1933). The two companies kept separate facilities and such, but there was some technical cross-pollination.

They’re handsome trucks too, but don’t share the iconic fender-mounted headlights of the cars.

We do have one CC of a 1931 Pierce-Arrow below:

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