Vintage Carriers: 1947 Cadillacs – Back Orders Ready For Delivery

The war was over, and it was time to enjoy again the goods of life. And of course, Cadillacs were part of that equation. Not that Cadillac could build enough of them, as the company had accumulated 100,000 back orders by 1947. And here, these four ’47s were well on their way to meeting that demand.

Like most passenger cars, these ’47s were mechanically pretty close to prewar models; in Cadillac’s case the trendsetting Sixty-Special of 1942. Yet, enough trim and mechanical changes had been performed to keep the model in the public’s mind and favor.

Regardless of American shoppers’ desires, GM found it wise to import a fair number of Cadillacs abroad. Of course, this only increased the brand’s allure; at home and elsewhere.


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