Vintage Magazine Shot: Pacer Pickup – “No Doubt AMC Could Do The Japanese Mini-Pickups Some Real Harm”

This article in Auto Reports assumes that this Pacer pickup with AMC manufacturer’s plates was a prototype of something they were seriously considering building. With a bed a wide–or wider–than it was long, it undoubtedly would have done the Japanese mini-pickups very serious harm.

They got it wrong. Here’s the backstory:

A custom car builder named Carl Green built it, and tried to sell AMC on the idea. Presumably AMC kept it for a week or so to evaluate it, hence the plates. But they gave it the thumbs down, reasoning–among other things–that Jeep was the better brand for pickups than AMC, never mind a Pacer.

But someone who saw the original in a magazine a year later or so, after it had been customized, was taken by the idea and bought a new Pacer wagon and had one built just like it. He later sold it, but the found it again in 2008. Presumably it still exists. The whole saga was written up here.

For once, AMC made the right decision.

The original seems to have disappeared early on. But